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Atrocious service from Meta store support

Level 3

My Meta Quest which is just over fourteen months old developed a fault at the beginning of October this year whereby it would not work with Airlink or a link cable. Since then, starting on the 17th of October, I have been in contact with Meta support on an almost daily basis. 44 conversations to date with at least ten different people.  Every time that I supply the information that they want, I get a reply asking for something else.  It is quite obvious that the staff at Meta support have no idea, whatsoever, about the product that they are advising on. It has now got to the stage that I genuinely believe that the staff at Meta regard this as some sort of game to see how long that they can lead me on before I pack in and stop trying to get my headset fixed. It has now become a matter of principle with me and I am insisting on my rights of a replacement unit under UK and EU consumer laws.  I am now trying to find the address of some senior person in Meta that I can take my complaint to.