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Audio Lagging

Honored Guest

I am a new owner of Meta Quest 3. Already at the beginning I encountered a problem with audio (lag/crackling audio). When I try to play the game Beat Saber by running it via Oculus Link (USB cable), the sound crackles, stutters and the game is unplayable, it also happens with other games and movies. Does anyone know the reason for this?


Honored Guest

Sorry, Mativv -- been having the same problem ever since Quest 2 did an update a couple of years ago.  Since then it has become unplayable via Link cable, casting, etc -- due to stuttering frames, horrible audio (can barely tell it's a song that's playing, let alone which one), and disconnections (despite a brand-new meta-branded cable in a verified USB3 port, the direct-link connection still drops or tells me I'm on a USB2 cable).

Worst of all, IMO, is that I've read literally dozens of complains about the audio compression/quality when casting/streaming/linking to a TV -- but I haven't seen ANY replies from Meta (other than initial auto-replies that ask for more details).

I'm afraid this is the kind of response that's been typical of Meta over the past year or two.  

I do have one suggestion, though: if you're able to cast (or Link) your PICTURE to your external screen, it's actually possible (for me at least) to use the old-fashioned headset port and plug it directly into a (separate) sound system.  The audio may not be synched with the TV picture, but at least you'll be hearing it clearly -- and swinging in time with the music and targets rather than being 2 seconds off synch due to lag.

Please post here if you (or anyone!) knows of any other solutions, thanks.  

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey y'all! I just saw this thread and wanted to pop in. Since you both are experiencing this issue, I wanted to see if I can help out. 

So I don't provide the same steps, can y'all let me know, in detail, what troubleshooting steps you've performed?
Also, does this issue only happen in Quest Link or in Air Link as well?

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