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Audio drop outs here and there with Link

Level 7
Hi there!
Normally I am using my Rift-S for PCVR but I also have the Quest 2 and want to use it also as PCVR device. Comparing it with the Rift I have some minor Audio / Sound issues with Link. Here and there (not always) I got some audio glitches or hanging. Picture ist not stuttering, it is more like sound droppings. Mainly while starting moving / turning around. Does anybody have the same experience?
My system is an i7 6700, 16GB Ram, Geforce 2060 RTX super. Original Link cable on a 3.1 USB C port (2,5Gbps tested). Also tested on other ports. I already had set my system to ultra low latency mode within the Geforce Driver. Extreme often with Star Wars Squadrons, not sooo much with Asgard's Wrath. PTC24 installed, grafic settings @ standard 72Hz. 
Thanks for your help!
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