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Battlezone only launching 1 out of 10 times with Meta Quest 2

Level 2


I am having severe problems when playing Battlezone (my favorite cockpit game). It is just almost never launching! The sound can be heard from the main menu after "Launch configuration too" and "Start in VR!", but only in one out of ten tries (with several restarts, restarting air link, restarting Steam VR etc.) the VR headset switches over to sitting in the 3D cockpit ready to roll.

I am clearly doing something wrong here...

Can someone please explain the exact necessary steps how to launch this game? There are no YouTube tutorial videos, just some gamers enjoying it with Meta Quest 2 but without any further explaination.

Is it necessary to buy VorpX all the YouTubers have to play games in VR 3D for Battlezone?

Thank you very much for your infos 🙂


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @Gloomy.Fog! We definitely understand how inconvenient it can be when a game you'd like to play won't launch correctly. We'd be more than happy to help out with this! We'll likely need to check out some logs, so submitting a ticket or opening a live chat would be the best way to go about starting our troubleshooting. Here's the link to our support page, we'll be looking forward to hearing from you! 

Level 2

Good morning 🙂

Wow I thought I have more serious problems, for example the AMD Radeon driver not compatible with some 3D VR games or my Windows version having problems to recognize the Meta Quest - but it was just the missing cable and trying to game PC VR with the Airlink, and not a problem with the computer or the Meta Quest.

The connection cable between PC and Meta Quest, and the virtual SteamVR room is necessary to launch most of the games, and now all 3D VRgames launch and play with no problems. (even Flight Simulator 2020 VR).

Don´t worry no ticket is necessary 🙂 everything is fully functional now.

That's great to hear your back on track! If you ever have any other concerns please let us know as we can provide help or direct you to where you need to go! We will see you in the VR world!