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Beat Saber DLC wont load

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It shows as purchased in the Oculus store.  I can download 1 song, and then the rest of the songs cannot download.
If i restart the entire app, then i can choose a new song, none of the other ones will work.

I did a clean install.  deleted everything in the directory. no mods whatsoever.

Level 4

Hi!! My experience... when you buy this Beat saber DLC, this is not auto installed!! (It s the only game that no update it). You have to go to “single player” and choose purchased music, then there go pointing song by song. Every time you mark one, you see that it downloads the song. When you have it, do the same with the next one. If any fail, exit the game and enter to continue with the missing. Once you do it, they are always available for single player or multiplayer / online. Of course, if you uninstall the game, remember to do this again for the dlc music.