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Been an oculus user for many years, and had to start from scratch again.

Hello Oculus community, like I said been an Oculus user for many years, and just had to factory reset my device. The support for the new accounts sucks! There is no way to get a hold of someone that can talk you through a problem. And I’ve read through the forms and the only thing that Oculus support can say is we’re sorry your having this problem, what a bunch of bs! I’ve lost everything with the rollout of the meta accounts. The money that I’ve invested into my the games that I purchased and to have to buy them all over again. Absolutely BS! So we’re is my refund for the money I’ve invested Meta? But just like the other people having the same problem, the only thing I’ll here from Oculus support, is a lame a$$ apology, we’re sorry your having this problem  or nothing at all. Whatever Oculus. 


Exactly he said it and they replaced and service unit with my new unit on warrenty  and now it doesn’t work

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Volunteer Moderator

Have you submitted a support ticket? That's the main source of help for account issues like this.

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Absolutely, sent a ticket in when I started having the problem a month ago and got no response. So I started reading the forums and I saw that there were others having almost the same issues that I was having. But I sent in a ticket for help and got no reply from Meta, so I was left to try and figure it out on my own. I would love to have all of my games back so I don’t have to purchase them again but I doubt that will happen, I was beyond frustrated when I lost everything.