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Black Circle Passthrough Quest 3

Honored Guest
Hi there,
My Quest 3 suddenly (after update?) has a 3-part black circle on the screen in pastthrough mode.
I have reset the Quest 3 to factory settings and restarted it several times, but it keeps coming back.
I use an original Quest silicon cover and don't have long hair.
Sometimes it goes away for a few seconds, but after a restart it always comes back after a few seconds.
Cant' uoload pictures or video (error??) so see the link below

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Jim1970! Thanks so much for sharing this with the Meta Community. Your video is super helpful! We know how important it is to ensure our devices are working properly, and we'd be happy to offer some assistance. First, we'd appreciate it if you would send our team a Bug Report from your headset. We've listed the steps for you below:


  1. Press Meta / Oculus button on your right Touch controller to pull up your universal menu.
  2. Hover over the clock on the left side of the universal menu. 
    • When Quick Settings appears, select it to open the Quick Settings panel.
  3. Select the bug symbol to Report problem.
  4. Select Include or Don't include to add complete logs and diagnostics.
  5. Follow the instructions to submit your report.

If your headset and Meta Quest mobile app are fully up-to-date, we'd be happy to connect you with a support specialist for further investigation. Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

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I just bought mine today and its doing the same thing. Very frustrating for a brand new product. Should I return this? Seems like I may have wasted $706.

Hey there, @Rilla84! Thank you for providing your experience with passthrough mode. We're always happy to look into this, but would like to know what version your headset is currently on. You can find this out by 


  • going to quick settings (on the bottom left of the screen where you wifi connection and battery life symbols can be seen, is also a button) 
  • click the Settings button
  • select Systems
  • select Software Update

This will let you know what version of the quest software you're running. If there is the option to, could you please try running the update? If not, please let us know what version you're seeing under Current Version Details. We're looking forward to hearing back from you on this!

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Yeah, thanks but that's not the problem. The scary part about this response is that you clearly do not know how your own product works, I stated that I just bought this brand new. You have to update the system before you can log in on a new device. Which you should know and clearly do not. Can I confidently listen to the advice you provide or are you just regurgitating the handbook. Still a black circle in my view after paying close to $1000. I want some compensation for the aggravation. A free game credit at least. Looks like I'm headed back for a return and wasting more time. Glad I didnt toss the quest 2. I was genuinely excited and now just mad. Really glad I didn't purchase any mixed reality games ahead of time.

Software Update Version 49941090063600510


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for providing the information we asked for. We understand you spent quite a bit of money on this set up. Running into immediate issues is not the experience we want to deliver to our users. We ask these questions to try and narrow down information to make sure we're moving in the right direction. To clarify a bit further, we regularly do updates and post release notes. The most current version is V66. This was released yesterday on June 3rd. There is a roll out process so not everyone will immediately have the update, even with a brand new headset. One of the call outs for this new update is that there have been improvements to passthrough mode. Ideally this is resolved on v66 and you won't see those black circles when the update comes through. With that being said, if the update hits your headset and you still see them, please let us know and please follow the steps originally provided for submitting bugs. The more information and reports we get, the easier it is for our developers to identify and fix.

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So my understanding is that there is a 66 update and yet, my headset wont download it? Great. Also, in an attempt to sideload such an update, Meta does not publicly provide the update and us low people are forced to use sniffers. What is the point of sideloading if you do not provide basic needs for the device. Slow clapping right now.

We are not going to be sideloading this update, you can try restarting your headset and going to setting to see if it is available. The update is still rolling out and should be available to you soon if you do not currently see it available.

We hope this helps! 

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