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Black & White for Oculus Quest

Level 2
It would be awesome to resurrect an old title that was ahead of it's time and was practically meant for VR. Black and White was a god game, with a god pet. You ruled over the land you influence and teach your pet.. In the game, you are a hand. You basically did everything with that hand, from casting spells to influence the eviroment, to training "smacking or petting" your pet for good vs bad havior. The way your pet behaved influenced how he developed.

If you're not familiar with the perspective of this game, I highly suggest you check it out on youtube or something. It would be amazing for VR.

I'm curious to hear any other thoughts regarding someone developing this? Is anyone else familiar with this title?


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Agree with that it would be a fun game in VR.

I recently spent ages getting it to work in widescreen & Windows 10... almost defeated me until I found it had to be installed in Program, not Program Files or Program Files (x86), go figure.

Love playing these old games again, great nostalgia value.

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Level 4
When we already talk about games from Peter Molyneux - Magic Carpet VR would be great πŸ™‚ I remember a strange 3D version of the original where you could hardly see anything on the screen...

Level 10
Loved that game! Totally agree it would be amazing to play in VR!

Level 2
Just got my kiddo this, and after messing around with it, this popped into my head, so funny to find this thread; please make it real! Maybe start a partition!

Level 2

Not sure if someone with more experience would like to play around with this idea, but I used Auto Oculus Touch to enable control of my mouse using my right Oculus Touch controller. I got as far as moving my hand using my touch controller in the game, but I don't know enough to remap the buttons on Auto Oculus Touch to make it work fully with the game.


Aside from that, Oculus Home needs to be connected the whole time, rendering so its not ideal.


Perhaps someone with a Rift would have more luck?