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Black screen, orange led after working just fine

Level 2
So ... week in, after getting new OR, one day, without any updates really, the rift's screen decided not to work.
I've been digging around, and tried about dozen differnt things including rolling back to different drivers and such ... but no luck. 
Is there any definitive solution to this? From what I've found I'm definitely not the only one. -.-
R5 1600X@3.7GHz | ASUS Strix GTX 980ti | 16GB RAM | Samsung EVO 960 PRO 500GB NVMe

Level 2
Now I feel little bit silly, but just after writing this down, I've made it work. I had 3 1080p monitors, 1 1080p TV and OR all connected to my GTX 980Ti, let's hope this might help someone.

First I should point out I'm on standard Oculus app version (no beta) and nvidia drivers 398.11

Monitor 1: HDMI > DP (cable)
Monitor 2: HDMI > DP (cable)
Monitor 3: HDMI > DP (adapter)
OR: HDMI directly

When I plugged out DVI device, in this case TV, OR suddenly worked.
When it originally stopped working for me, it was when I added Monitor 3 with HDMI>DP adapter, so my first choice was to plugged it out but with no difference. 
Now, I've tried just one monitor and OR and it worked and I've adding more and more monitors and eventually, it stopped working when I've added 5th device to my GPU, which was DVI cable for my TV. 
So my very amateur conclusion now is ... that my GPU with current drivers cannot support 5 devices, or ... HDMI and DVI devices are in some conflict. 

Now I of course hope, it will stay this way, but I also kind of know it might not... so untill then ... o7

R5 1600X@3.7GHz | ASUS Strix GTX 980ti | 16GB RAM | Samsung EVO 960 PRO 500GB NVMe