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Black screen problem and when I recharge it no oculus quest 2 light

Level 2

I just bought my headphones and the problem is that I configure them everything works fine and after I crash my headphones are off and don't want to turn on again


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there. That's is not an experience we want to hear. Let's see what we can do to help you. 


We would like to collect more information to better help you. Can you please answer the following:

  • Does the headset crash on any app or is it a specific app it crashes on?
  • What headset model is it?
  • Is the headset fully charged?
  • Is there a color light on the side of the quest? If so what color is it?

Once we have this information we'll be able to help you further. We look forward to hearing from you!

Le casque plante-t-il sur une application ou est-ce une application spécifique sur laquelle il plante ? Non . De quel modèle de casque s'agit-il ? #1WMHH846GT0524 Le casque est-il complètement chargé ? oui .Y a-t-il une lumière de couleur sur le côté de la quête ? Non. Si oui, de quelle couleur est-il ? pas de couleur.

Level 2

Does the headset crash on an app or is it a specific app it crashes on? No . What model of helmet is it? #1WMHH846GT0524 Is the headset fully charged? yes .Is there a color light on the quest side? No. If so, what color is it? no color.

Thank you for getting back with us! Okay, it seems like the headset isn't getting power for some reason. No worries, we can still help out! We don't currently have the tools needed to look into your options here on the forum. We recommend you submit a support ticket with one of our specialists. They'll be happy to go over your next option with you!