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Bone lab reseted

Level 2

So, I booted up bonelab to have some fun in the sandbox, and mess around but when loaded in and try to continue playing I notice there was no continue, but only start a new game. I don't know what to do about it and there's no save file or anything I don't think.

I've tried restarting the game and even unstalling and reinstalling, but that did nothing. I still have all of my achievements for the game so I'm just wondering why do I have to restart the game?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Hiyaa, we totally understand your concern with this. Nobody wants to log in and see their hard-earned save data missing. We want to help you out! Sometimes users with a secondary account may accidentally be logged into the wrong profile when opening the game, since you can share game libraries with App Sharing.

Have you made any changes on the headset like if they did any troubleshooting to the headset? If you’re using two accounts, try going into the other account loading the game and going back into yours and it should be back. If this is not the case, please send us both account credentials for email username and full name registered to both accounts.

I also need help my Bonelab restarted and it won’t go back

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @Slickboii! We understand how crucial it is for you to recover your missing data. No worries, let's get this figured out together. Have you recently made any changes to your device? If you have two accounts, try going to your second account and load Bonelab. Then, return to your primary account and re-load Bonelab. Your data should be back as it was. If the issue persist, please reach out to us through our PM's so we can look further into this for you.

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out anytime. We are more then willing to help you out!

I had a similar problem, my save got wiped on one of my accounts, but the other account does not own bonlab, is there anything I can do?


While playing Bone Lab the game freezes and kicks me back to the main menu. Please advise. 

Hello there, @Pained97. We see that you are having some issues with Bone Lab, and we would like to get you back online so that you can continue playing to your heart's content. There are a couple of things that we can try to get you back online. We will list them below: 

  • Update the headset and disable experimental features. 
  • Reinstall the game.
  • if you are using the device on a computer you should check your drivers for updates.
  • Reboot the headset and if that doesn't work try a factory reset.

If these don't work out please reach back out to us for some more troubleshooting steps. 

I just had this issue happen after I finished a level the game crashed and my headset restarted and wiped all of my bonelab progress but none of my other games I’m very frustrated that I have to restart the game now 

Level 2

I had a similar problem where I was in bonelab, the the loading was very long so I quit then my data was reset. I had everything unlocked and the campaign complete so can someone help me and could slz unreset my data

Howdy there, @ChugEEE! We understand how frightening it is to lose all of your saved progress and have no idea what happened to it. We understand how this could impact your VR experience, so let us point you in the right direction so that this can be resolved as soon as possible. We strongly advise you to contact the Bonelab developers to determine the source of this issue.