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Bonelab grip not working after taking out a weapon

Level 3

So i was just playing bonelab like i have for the past 2 days, i took out my weapon and i couldn't take ammo, so i just thought, maybe this is not available in this level, but then i couldn't grip with my left hand anymore... I now cant beat the pillar climb level, as i have no weapon to kill the void sphere thingy PLS HELP


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Level 3

This has been fixed in patch 1, but you can always type in here if the problem occurs again

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello! We appreciate you letting us know the experience you are having with Bonelab. This is not what we want for anyone especially using such an awesome game! 


Have you uninstalled and installed the app already? Do you having the same issues with other games?


If this is still an issue please reach out to us through the link below! 


Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

Level 2

this happened to me too and it only happens with bonelab. I have no idea how to fix it but its really annoying. I think it might only be in the stroy mode too.

Have you tested quick play to see if it works? Because i didn't really test that before i shut down my oculus

Level 2

I had this same issue when playing in the container yard. Unsure if this is an meta issue or a bonelab issue, I'n leaning more towards bonelab because when I would grip my fist would close like it is supposed to, but it just wouldn't be able to interact with anything, I could close my fist but it wouldn't count as a punch, couldn't grab any guns or ammo so I lost that level, I found the easiest fix is to just restart the game or to restart your headset if it doesn't work.

Level 3

@alfstermouse  i restarted the game when i had the issue, but when i pulled out my gun again, the same thing happened. But your explanation is exactly what happened to me

Level 2

Same thing happening to me repeatedly. Just the one hand wont grab. It makes all the right moves but doesnt register as grabbing. Restarted game and headset and put new batteries in the controllers but still happening.


Any suggestions?

I dont think that there is a fix yet, but i know that you can play in the bonehub with no problems, it is only in story mode luckily

Not quite this happened to me in arena mode so I don't think that its just the story mode

I haven't tried arena yet, so i cant deny that one doesn't work. But sandbox and Tac Trial works fine for me