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Bonelab on pc app

Level 2

There is no mods file and I'm clueless on how to mod my game and i was excited for the modding portion but i do not want to buy this game a second time on steam so can someone please tell me how to mod it. the files are different from the quest 2 and steam 


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

The location to place mods for the PC version is: C:\Users\kojack\AppData\LocalLow\Stress Level Zero\BONELAB\Mods

(Change the kojack part to your user name of course)

It should be empty if you haven't made a mod yet.


You'll need to get the sdk stuff and at least for maps you need to set up Unity as well, since that's how they do everything.

I used an earlier version of this tutorial video to set up the SDK:


There's other tutorial videos on that same (official) channel.


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