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Broken Controller

Level 2


Today I was playing on my Oculus quest 2 and accidentally hit the controller on a table it broke the “ring part apart” any suggestions on what i should do? thanks, Parker Ertl




Level 11

If the controller is still working perfectly then super glue it all back into place. 😉

CV1/Vive-knuckles)/Dell Vr Visor/Go/Quest II/ PSVR.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, unfortunately damage due to impact is not something that's covered by our Warranty so we won't be able to look into replacement options, however we do sell the Quest 2's Touch controllers individually on our website. You can click here to check them out. Thanks!

yea but the replacements have been out of stock for several months and i have the same problem too.


Level 4

If they are not available try your house insurance for accidental damage and claim a whole new unit.

You have probably paid enough over the years to claim a little back.

PS they do have a left one in stock now it seems.

So the same thing happened to me, and I was wondering if it was possible to buy a new controller and pair it to the headset

Hey there @GhostyVR123. We send our condolences to your controller and hope you are able to get a new one soon in order to game again. But yes, when buying a new controller, it will be able to pair and work on your headset. Just make sure to buy the Quest 2 controller and the pairing will work just fine. Hope to see you back in VR gaming soon!

We're here trying to fix these problems ourselves because we don't WANT to pay 75 dollars for something this fragile that's meant to be swung around.

I work at a Pizza Hut. I'm pretty sure I'm never gonna be able to play my headset again because a replacement right controller is almost $80, and I'll never afford that. My right controller won't even light up, let alone fail to pair, and I didn't even smash it or anything, it just stopped working, so THAT was fun while it lasted, but it sure sucks now.

Hey there, @Rammstein1997! We would like to assist you in any way we can to get you back into the VR world, so we'll provide some troubleshooting methods that we know will come in handy if you hadn't already done so. If, after attempting the troubleshooting, you find no difference, we'll provide a link to our fantastic support team here for more assistance.

Let us know how it goes!