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Broken Controller

Level 2

Dear Oculus, My controllers have been perfect since I bought the Quest 1 but today I was about to play and found my left controller ring broken down the center. I have seen a lot of posts talking about the same problem. Lots of people have had their controllers breaking from the center of the ring, the left of the ring, and the right. If you could please check if my warrantee is still not expired because I need a replacement. The controller has not taken any damage previously and was handled with care. Please respond to this post.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there @Hindmed. Thanks for reaching out to us with this issue. We'd love to help you get back in the game today. We don't like it when any of our Meta Quest family members encounter problems like this.


We'd like you to open a ticket with Meta Store Support at and provide the following information for further support.


  • Oculus order # or a copy of a retail receipt/invoice: 
  • Box serial #: 
  • Headset serial #:
  • Controller serial #: which is located in the battery compartment below the QR code:
  • Email address for return label: 
  • Oculus account Username and email:
  • Full name: 
  • Street Address: 
  • City: 
  • State or province: 
  • Postal (Zip) Code: 
  • Country: 
  • Phone number:
  • Pics of the broken controller