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Broken Controller

Level 2

My friends accidently broke my right controller by hitting the wall, the controller vibrates everytime I do something, I wanna know if I have a warrenty to get a replacement one. I dont have the money for it right now.


Not yet and I can't try because it won't turn on, even with a new battery.

Level 2

I recently sat on my controller and the tracking has been really laggy to the point where I can not even use hand tracking without lag, do I still have my warranty?

Hey Savagecheeto109, totally understand your concern about the controller's performance after sitting on it. It's no fun to play with lag so we want to help you resolve this. If there is any significant hardware damage as a result of sitting on the controller, please take photos and send it to our Online Support Team via email so that they can get a full understanding of the situation!