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Broken Thumbstick is eligible for replacement, but device not showing on account

Level 2

My dad bought me an Oculus last xmas. I created an oculus account to use it. Recently the 3d thumbstick cover, not the joystick itself, cracked and I am trying to get it replaced because it's unusable. When I check the serial number, it shows as eligible for replacement. However, I don't get that option to send it in for replacement, because it shows it's not associated with my account. It's also not showing as associated with my dad's account. I can't find a way to get ahold of anyone at Meta, it just keeps taking me back to the same page. Where can i go with this issue?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Heya @lukas.filko.31! We recognize that trying to game while your controller is cracked can be hard and discouraging. We have seen this before with getting the "It's not associated with my account" error, when attempting to replace your device. No need to worry, we have just the steps for you to get in contact with us with.

When you go to our Support Website, please follow this workflow.

Meta Quest 2>Right Controller>Charging, Tracking & Pairing>Controller doesn't power on>This does not solve my problem

After you do that you'll get prompted with talking to us through a live chat, a email, or even a scheduled phone call. Once you get in contact with us, please be sure to provide your agent with a picture of the crack on your controller. We look forward to helping you there and getting you back into VR!