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Broken strap holder rod

Level 2

The little black plastic rod that holds the top of the headstrap in place has just broken. I was just adjusting the strap as normal. this looks like it's unfixable. It is also surprising that such a small piece of plastic is in place to do a really important job. I expect i am not the first person this has happened to. Anyone got any advice?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, RoobieDoo! We're sorry to hear a piece of your headset has broken 😱. We would love to assist with this. If you would be so kind and submit a support ticket with the details of your issue as well as pictures of the broken piece, one of our support agents would be happy to look into your options. 👍😄 

I have the same issue. I read a lot of posts on this issue. I tried to submit a support ticket but there is no selection for such an issue. Not even an "Other" where we can explain this issue.  Is there a replacement piece? Is there a class action related to the poor design? That little piece of plastic was NEVER going to hold up long term when it's used to hold a head piece in place using a strap that is constantly under stress.  Seeing as we can't file a support ticket directly related to this issue, where do we FIND the solution? Is there are replacement part? Thanks in Advance...

Hey there Billy!


You are correct there is not a selection for your issue, however you can still submit a ticket. The choices provided are our more common issues, but you can select any of those to get started whether it is an email or a chat and just explain what your issue is. I hope this helps!