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Build V12 is causing tracking issues with Touch controllers (Rift CV1)

Level 5
I posted this in the "Release Discussion", as well. I figured I'd create it's own post as well to see if anyone else has had this issue.

"Before today's driver update (12/11) the tracking with my Touch controllers was smooth. But after the update (V12), the controllers/virtual hands are now "jittery" when moving them around. As if they skip a beat, per se.
This issue did happen before the update when I had tried the Beta Channel. When I saw this happening, I switched back to non-beta and, again, everything was smooth. But since now it's was officially released; I can't downgrade the driver to have smooth tracking again. None too pleased about that.
(I tried a repair, but to no avail)"


Level 12
I got this with the V12 PTC, but opted out of PTC. Now I'm expecting to get it again once the non-PTC V12 rolls onto my machine :angry:

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