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Hey peeps, I’ve got gifted a quest 2 by our company cause we don’t use them no more for work. 

so now I can actually don’t download anything or sideload apps cause they don’t pop up in my App Library.


is there any way to flash the quest 2 from business to consumer via adb sideload? 

Thank you so much 



Hi TYFN1738,


I just did it for ours and it works this way:


On your Quest:

- hold power button and volume down until logo appears

- factory reset

- hold power button and volume down until logo appears

- choose sideload update

- connect to pc


On your computer:

- install ADB Bridge

- download

- don`t unzip it, just save it somewhere

- open console and type

- cd C:\PATH_TO_YOUR_ANDROID_FOLDER\Android\Sdk\platform-tools

- adb.exe

- adb sideload C:\PATH_TO_YOUR_ZIP


Keep in mind you`ll need an android device with the oculus app and you`ll have to do it for every headset!


Cheers, Can

Hi I've tried doing this to a quest 2 with business version and it doesn't work. It stops at 47percent and ends with total xfer 1.00%.

I don't have a USB 3 cable and is using a USB 2 cable. It's definitely the right file I'm sending/using to sideload

Hey 5ohan123, the Oculus for Business program was suspended in preparation for the new Quest for Business model. Currently, the Meta Quest Support channels do not have a way to revert business headsets into consumer models as the software is different and it's not setup in a way to revert them. You can find more information on the new Quest for Business model here!

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Hey there! Congrats on your new Quest 2! It's awesome that your company gifted it to you. As for flashing the Quest 2 from business to consumer, you may want to check out for some helpful resources on how to sideload apps and customize your Quest 2 experience. ADB sideload can be a useful tool for making adjustments to your device. Remember to always follow the proper steps and guidelines to ensure a smooth transition.


I've seen multiple people who were able to get their headsets converted from business to consumer by talking to support, so there should be (or was) a way to do it (probably the same as kencessna said, but with an official file rather than someone's google drive).


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We did this with a couple of ours some time ago - yes, you have to go via Oculus Support.

Here's what they ask for:

First I need to confirm the following information:


  • Device Manager Email Address or Device Manager ID (Located in the upper right corner of the Device Manager)
  • To confirm the headset serial number you wish to have converted is: ************

Additionally removing the devices from the Device Manager to convert them to the consumer OS may cause the headsets to automatically factory reset. Due to the potential data loss, I need you to acknowledge the following Disclaimer before we can do the conversion:


Please note that your reversion to the Consumer OS will cause (i) all data and applications to be erased from your device(s) and (ii) your device(s) to be removed from any Device Manager and Device Setup mobile applications associated with your enterprise account. Setup of the reverted device will require use of the consumer Oculus mobile application available from the iOS or Android application store. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR USE OF THE CONSUMER SOFTWARE IS GOVERNED BY THE CONSUMER-EDITION TERMS OF SERVICE FOUND AT or, AS APPLICABLE.


You also acknowledge and agree that, by converting the software on your Oculus for Business device(s) to the consumer version, you will be unable to revert back to Oculus for Business software in the future. Please note that Enterprise Support provided under the Enterprise Support Services Agreement ( applies only to Enterprise Products and does not apply to Consumer Products.


Please confirm your acknowledgement to the above by responding via email.


With kind regards,


Once you confirm those things:

Thank you so very much for your patience, I'm happy to report our team was able to finish your request.


The headset is ready to be factory reset and can be provisioned in Consumer OS. Please note: the device has been removed from Device Manager and Enterprise OS will no longer work. Also please allow at least one hour from this response the server to sync before proceeding.


Let me know if you require any additional assistance,


With kind regards,


Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3

Hi thanks but I eventually got got it changed over a couple months ago 

link does not work anymore, please at least tell wich version is that, i have tried 3 different versions, but it can't be flashed

did u manage to find a solution?

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