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Buyers Beware, warranty replacements may not get to you

Level 3

At this point I am 5 business days past the day I was told my producted was processed and ready to ship.  They were not at that point even abke to tell me when i woukd get a email with the tracking information.  They refuse to give me any time frame, and only tell me they are waiting to hear back from a specialized team.  


They offer no reason why there logistics can't find the product that has not left the warehouse.  They offer no reason why they can't just send out a replacement since they have it in stock.  They say nothing in the response except how they understand your frustrated, sorry for the experience, and how they have to just wait.  They will literally tell you nothing else.  


I have now filed a complaint with the BBB, and instead of waiting highly suggest anyone else that has an issue not wait and do the same.


Level 4

It's been over 3 months waiting for my left controller replacement. 


I filed a complaint with the BBB and they ignored it. Meta has an F with the BBB. I didn't think it was possible for a company to be so bad. 

I'm sorry to hear that.  I filed a complaint the same night I did this post, and I was reached out to by email in two days saying my controller will be shipped Monday.  Hopefully they aren't lying.