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Level 2

Yesterday when I turned on my oculus quest 2, it started making this buzzing sound. I just played on it an hour ago and yet again it started making the same sound when I powered it on, and continued to while I played for 45 minutes. I have never ran into anything with my headset on, or dropped my headset. I haven’t damaged it at all, so I don’t know why it’s having this weird issue all of a sudden.


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

@SSGVlone Could potentially be the fan. Is there any fan error messages or anything about overheating coming up?


If not, it might not be the fan but who knows. You might want to reach out to the support team to see if they'll replace that for you.

I had never had anything fan error wise pop up, but Monday, after I made this post, it has stopped doing it so at the moment, I’m just praying it’ll be okay but I probably should reach out to support.