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COMPLAINT - Consumer Warning - Don’t Buy Meta Products

Level 2

The Meta support team is by FAR the worst support team on planet earth. Why not just save us all time and not even offer support instead?

I’ve been working with your support team for over 5 months and EVERY response I get from them is a robotic copy/paste that doesn’t even make sense according to the issue presented in my support ticket.

Your team should be ashamed by the low quality level of support it offers. Your platform resembles a team of thieves and crooks that face no accountability.

Consumers need more protection against giants like you.

We purchased your hardware for a pretty penny, and then proceeded to purchased lots of apps / games on it for even more money. And then all of sudden our account stopped working with the message to “contact meta support”. 5 months later talking to Meta support we’re still unable to access our account and unable to use the device for unknown reasons, after all the money we’ve paid for your products.

This feels like a scam, and consumers need more protection from predatory giant corporations like you.