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CPU/GPU spike to 100, Rift S disconnects.

Level 2

Forgive me for not getting all of the terminology right, I’m not super into computers.


This started around September. Whenever my Rift S is plugged in and active, my CPU and GPU will randomly spike to 100. My vision on the headset goes black, and anything connected to my computer by USB disconnects. After a few minutes/seconds, everything reconnects and the cycle starts over. This seems to take anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, but never much longer than that. 


It happens even if all I have open on my computer is oculus, the headset is perfectly still, and I haven’t started playing anything yet. On the task manager, (when I’ve been able to check) it looks like what is taking the most processing power is whatever game I am playing and the OVR server x64 exe. When I kept my processes open to watch, it looked like my CPU and GPU would hover around 60-80%, then at random would spike all the way to 100 and then the headset would crash. My PC stays at around 67°, which seems fine.


The headset itself is fine, my little brother tried it on his PC which has similar specs to mine (my i5 is better but he has a 2080 NVIDIA graphics card) and it functions as intended. The games that I can run on desktop mode run perfectly fine without spiking anything. I can play most regular desktop games at the highest graphics settings without any issue. It’s just when the headset is plugged in and active.


I’ve tried just about everything I could find online except physically replacing my GPU/CPU because right now, that’s pretty expensive and GPUs are sold out everywhere. On top of that, my stuff used to run perfectly fine. I just wanna play my games, man.


I have tried:


-Plugging my headset in to every USB port on my PC


-Turning my games graphics and my headset’s resolution way down


-Enabling the public test channel for Oculus


-Uninstalling and reinstalling the oculus software


-Uninstalling and reinstalling my games


-Uninstalling and reinstalling my USB drivers


-Going into device settings and turning off the “shut off this thing for power saving” or whatever it is for all my USBs


-Getting a better power supply (600 bronze to 700 gold)


-getting a PCI-e USB card (the other USBs would stay connected, but my headset would disconnect if it moved at all)


-Having only my headset and mouse plugged into the PC


-Updating my motherboard by flashing my BIOS with the latest software


-Updating my graphics card driver to the latest version through GeForce


-Upgrading from 16GB of ram to 32GB


-Downloading MSI afterburner and turning the GPU and memory down in intervals of 50 on the clock thingy 


My specs are:

INTEL i5 core


32GB Ram


Level 2

Sorry, it’s a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER