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CV1 black screen on "setup your view"

Level 3
Trying to set up the CV1, I get past the bit with calibrating the focus fine, I can see the text and the little target/plus/thing on the screen fine, then when I get to the part when it says "setup your view", and asks me to stand up to confirm the sensor is working properly, nothing happens, the screen is on, but all I can see is faint dots, bit like a snapshot of white noise (but looking much darker) 

Haven't been able to find a solution for this yet, and tried the usual restart / replug everything, any ideas would be much appreciated 🙂 

My specs: 
i7 7700K 
GTX 1070
Windows 10

Level 15
Do you have latest video card drivers installed? Make sure Rift is plugged directly into the HDMI of your primary dedicated graphics card. Neither Rift nor monitors can be plugged into secondary cards, or to the motherboard integrated graphics. If Rift is already on HDMI, try DisplayPort or DVI using an adapter. Hope that helps.
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