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Can i play pcvr with quest 2 while charging with the power brick?

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     I want to know if it can happen something if i play PCVR games while using his power brick to charge it.

     And another question is if i can use a usb-c to usb-a adapter to put his cable in my PC, cause i don't have a usb-c in my PC.



For the first question, if you are using wifi for pcvr then using usb to charge it should be fine.

For the second, as long as the cable is a good USB 3 one, it doesn't matter if the PC end if USB-A or USB-C. Amazon sell USB-A to USB-C cables that are quest compatible.

The thing to look for on longer cables (like 5m) is an active repeater box. It's a little box on the cable near the PC end that boosts the signal to get longer cables. If it has one, it should work fine. (Cables without may work, but I've had long ones without that were unreliable on a quest).

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