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Can not pair quest to app with out using admin account??

Level 4

Have a quest that I setup for my kid. They are not admin on the quest. Their meta account is set up as another user on the quest. I installed the quest app on their iPad and logged in with their account then it attempts to pair to the headset. No go it will not find the quest even if I type in it pairing code. If I sign out of the quest app and sign in with the same admin account that is on the quest then it shows up fine. I do not want this as now my kid will get all my notifications on their iPad. I want to use the app signed in as them.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Peteo, totally understand your concern with the confusion about app sharing especially when it gets in the way of playing games. The secondary account only needs to be paired to the headset when it is added for the first time. You only need to switch profiles within the headset to toggle between the two accounts. Please log back into the apps with the primary account and continue on that way.