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Can't access my oculus games library on PC since merging meta account


This is absolutely SHOCKING!!!!

So I had the original oculus (CV1), and have recently just got the quest 2 to replace it. I also got the link cable so I can use my quest 2 headset to play my VR games on my PC.


When setting up the quest 2, I updated my oculus account to a meta account.

When I log in through the quest 2 none of my purchased games are there, plus I have no purchase history (and I have bought a LOT of games on the oculus store)!?!? It is also asking me to purchase games that I already own (beat saber etc)?!?!? What sort of scam is is this????


Plus now when I go to login to the oculus app to access my games, I can't login!!! It says the password is incorrect (when it's not) and when I try to reset the password it sends me to the META password reset link!!! It's just a mess!!

How the hell do I access my VR games THAT I HAVE PURCHASED!!!!???

I currently own a £400 headset that cannot gain access to any of my games that I own!!

My son is absolutely heartbroken!!!




There are two different Oculus stores: Rift and Quest.

This is because the Rift is a Windows / X86 based system and the Quest is an Android / ARM based system, games must be built explicitly for the target system, they are incompatible.


Some games only have Rift versions, you can't play them stand alone (without a PC) on the Quest. Some games only have Quest versions, they are impossible to play on the Rift.


Some games support "cross buy". This means if you own the game on one store then you get a free copy on the other store. You won't see it in the library automatically, you need to go to the store page and buy it again, but the price will be marked as Free.

Cross buy is a choice made by the developers of the game, not Oculus.


For example, Audica is cross buy. If you have it on the Rift, you can get a free copy on the Quest.

Beat Saber is not cross buy. You have to buy it twice.


Something that changes this is Link/Airlink. With these (Link uses a USB 3 cable, Airlink uses wifi) your Quest 2 connects to a PC and turns into a Rift (effectively). This gives you access to every Rift game you own immediately.

You mentioned you have a Link cable already, did you try it? When Link is connected, your Quest 2 uses the Rift store (where all your games are), when not connected the Quest 2 uses the Quest store.


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Ok that's fine, BUT I still can't get into the oculus app to use the link cable.

As stated above, when I try to login to the oculus app, it says my password is incorrect (when it is actually correct), and when I go to reset it, it takes me to the link to reset my META password!?!

I need access to the oculus app on my PC, please help

Hi there! We understand you're having issues with your password reset no worries we're hear to help!  If you could please PM us so we can further assist you! Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here: Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message. We look forward to hearing from you! 🙂 

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I managed to get into the account.

For anyone else having this problem...

Instead of selecting "login with oculus account", select the "login with email" option, it will then take you to the meta site which will log you and open up the oculus desktop.

This switchover to meta is an absolute sh*t show.

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