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Can't add payment methods. Can't purchase Meta Quest Games. Can't create facebook/instagram ads.



Incoming wall of text expressing my anger and infuriating experience wit Meta Support.

I've had ongoing issues for over a month now, and I've logged them with support multiple times. Many of the support responses have been generic it isn't us check your bank, then nothing, they close the ticket, or responding saying sorry about an issue I'm not even having.

21 Days since being able to purchase anything, 32 Days since my first issues started.

They usually take 5-7 days to respond, and then don't help and close the tickets, or just pass it off to another support agent who has no idea about the issues, hasn't read the logs, and tells me their sorry that I can't purchase the meta quest 3 and i should purchase it through a reseller........... (Not the issue).

I initially had an issue with my main visa debit card on the 6th October 2023 when trying to pre order the Meta Quest 3. I messaged support, they had no idea how to fix it and told me to use another payment method.

I added my Visa Credit card to my account which worked, and purchased the Meta Quest 3 on October 6th. I then incurred a $31.50 AUD fee for using my credit card (Which is why I didn't want to use my credit card, as my visa debit card doesn't receive fees for using it, but as i just stated, I wasn't able to add my Visa Debit Card as a payment method)

When I received  the Meta Quest 3, I installed the Meta quest app, and purchased some games with my Credit Card (Which is my work card and I don't want to use it). I then received more fees for using my credit card.

I then added my PayPal account (which is my work account and I don't want to use) I was able to purchase some games.

Around 25th of October I reached out to support again, and their reply to my main visa card was quote "Through my investigation I have found that the card is under denial to be placed on a Meta or Facebook account. I do not have any details of the blacklisting of this card, only that it's not allowed on the system. I do know this can be very frustrating when you want something a specific way. Currently there is no way to re-apply this card to a Meta account." End Quote

I messaged support again and told them of this response from another support engineer was told quote " I sincerely apologize for misinformation provided by the previous agent as well as for the inconvenience " End quote

I did not want to continue using my work Credit Card and Work PayPal account as that will cause issues with my accounting.

I checked with my bank to see if there is any blocks on my card. They have said there is not, and I sent the proof to (Meta Support)

During the process of support, all my previously working payment methods disappeared from my account. 

My Visa Credit Card was removed and I am now unable to re add it as a payment method.

My PayPal account was removed and I am now unable to add it as a payment method.

I used my Partners Visa Debit Card, which was added. But then disappeared hours later, and I am no longer able to add that. (Note, this is a completely different bank and is not associated with me or my bank or accounts at all)

I made a new PayPal account to temporarily use to purchase games. I was able to add it as a payment method in the Meta App. 6 Hours later when I went to purchase the Demeo and Demeo Battles Bundle for 38% off the payment method was no longer there, and I was unable to re add it.....

So yeah, I can't add any of my 2 Card methods, or any of my 2 PayPal methods or even my Partners Credit card to my account. Yet support keeps telling me it's an issue with my card and to get my bank to fix this issue for me. Support then told me me to purchase from a separate retailer...... I cannot purchase from a separate retailer because meta games aren't sold via a separate retailer, I already own a quest 3, but can't purchase any games or apps for it. Since I can't add any payment methods. Since their system has removed all my payment methods from my account.

I have multiple facebook profiles and multiple facebook pages, along with an instagram profile. So along with my Meta account, I am also unable to add payment methods to them. I can't add payment methods to the Meta Universe at all. Can't run ads on my facebook pages or instagram pages because I can't add any payment methods. This issue isn't localised to the Meta Quest, IT'S ANYTHING META RELATED AND OWNED.

There have been many instances of this issue online, and people have stated their issue was resolved by meta support within hours. Yet I've been getting the runaround for over a month now. As if every new support agent is just making up excuses and passing the ticket off to someone else.

I've already sent evidence of the cards being mine.

I've already sent evidence that the cards are not blocked in any way by my bank.

Over 3 weeks since I've been able to purchase anything, and over 1 month since I've been experiencing issues, and in contact with Meta Support.

I can still not add a single payment method of any kind.

I can still not purchase anything.

I can still not even use the credit I do have because I need a payment method.

(When i have managed to create a new email and new paypal linked to it, I have added it, but it can't be used due to unusual activity error, please contact support.....)

The Black Friday Sales are here. I cannot purchase any of the games I want to purchase (All on my wish list, and have been for some time) There is only 3 days left of the sales and massive discount prices. 

So not only can I not add any payment methods and purchase normally. I am being forced to watch everyone enjoy their Meta Quest 3, buy games at massive discounts and have a great enjoyable time. While I am miserable, sad, upset, depressed, and absolutely pissed off.

I have provided all the information I could think of that support would need to correct this issue on their backend. I have seen people post about this exact same issue and support has resolved it in a matter of hours. Why am I not receiving the same level of support? A couple of hours compared to over 1 month is a massive discrepancy.

This is my first ever VR experience with your Meta Quest 3. Very depressing. And very disappointed.

And now the Demeo Bundle I wanted to purchase is already over, and no longer available. So due to the issue, I missed that window. And am about to miss the window on ALL BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY SALES.

Has anyone else experienced this? And had it fixed by support? Please help. Their support is an absolute joke.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @Slayerazazel. We hear you and have seen your private message. We'll be sure to message you right away to help you get this resolved!

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So yeah. 3 weeks ago they SEMI FIXED my issues. I still can't add any of my OLD/NORMAL payment methods, but was able to add some new ones I had to search the internet for (a prepaid digital visa card). So I was happy enough with that...

BUT.................................. They just deleted my current payment methods again and I can no longer add them, or purchase anything, or ADD ANYTHING................. AGAIN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, SO FREAKING PEEVED OFF.

I honestly don't understand what the ef your support are doing.

And last night... New Years EVE.......... 
I was back and forth with your AI generated support responses and they continually closed my ticket, and then i replied telling them to actually read my issues and they were responding saying sorry to an issue I don't even have. That since I can't purchase a device I should purchase from a third party provider. ThAT WOULD BE GREAT IF THAT WAS MY ISSUE..... I ALREADY OWN A DEVICE, I CAN"T BUY GAMES/APPS OFF YOUR META GAME STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS NOT MY ISSUE, READ THE **bleep** TICKETS

And then telling me to come here for support, and closing my ticket.... And rinse and repeat for about 50 email correspondences. Same generic AI scripted responses, ending in the same thing telling me to come here and them closing my ticket.

Obviously Meta is not making enough money to employ actual people to help support us. Which is kinda funny and Ironic. If they actually allowed us to SPEND OUR MONEY.......... They would probably make enough money to employ said real people.

So over this **bleep**. It's been 3 months with issues being semi fixed and then broken and semi fixed and broken. I should count the amount of emails I've sent to support. I'm sure it totals to more than I've even sent in my whole life combined.



I've had absolutely no success with support again. My issues have returned, I am no longer able to add any payment methods. My issues have been persisting for over 4 months now. And they returned a month ago, after them temporarily allowing me to add new payment methods (Still couldn't add old ones) Which was fine, cause I could purchase stuff...

But my issue returned again a month ago, and I've been getting nothing but the runaround all over again. Its my bank, its fixed, there's no issue at all, etc etc etc and repeated attempts to close my ticket without any actual resolutions.

I still cannot add any payment methods, I am at my wits end with support. Its an absolute joke. I've sent hundreds, if not thousands of emails over the past 4 months.  They continue to tell me that there's no issue on their end. When there clearly is. 


YET THERES AN ISSUE WITH THOSE PAYMENT METHODS. Your support workers are absolute morons.

I NEED MY ISSUE FIXED. I can't continue on with contacting support every day asking for an update only to be passed off to someone else, and then them telling me there's no issue....

Hi there @Slayerazazel! Thank you for letting us know you are having this issue with your payment method again. We see you sent us a PM and we replied directly to it so we can continue to work on getting to a resolution. We hope to hear back from you soon! Take care now!

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Honored Guest

Same problem here. I'm at my wits end. This is crazy. Also exact same issue with generic responses or responses nothing to do with my issue. Felt like I was being gaslit. Undertrained or just incompetent.

Hey there, @Great_Killinyall. We appreciate your concern, and we can assure you that you aren't getting gaslit. We'd love to help you with your issues of not being able to make purchases, as well as being able to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you visit this link, it will show you step-by-step instructions on how to properly add and remove accounts associated with your Meta account. As for your payment problems, we do request that you send us a private message, for we are going to need some personal information that we'd rather not share with the world. To send us a message, please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here.Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message. We do hope to hear from you soon!

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Hey there, @Great_Killinyall. We are just coming back to see if the link and steps we sent helped you. We also still want you to send us a private message so we can help you with your payment issues. We'd love to hear from you soon!

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