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Can't add second account

Level 2

I have a new quest 2 headset and cannot add second account.  Been wasting hours going in circles with this nonsense.  How do I add a second account?  Errors with the code, followed a million things, nothing works. 


Level 2

This is idiotic.  It says I need a device code but will not give me one, just an error message over and over.  What a waste of time for something that SHOULD be so EASY.  Pathetic

Hey @3PlantEaters we see you're having a few issues with adding another account to your headset. We understand the process can be confusing but not to worry we're here to help you get the account added so you can get back into the world of virtual reality. If you'll go look at this link it will take you to a page with a few drop downs. We'll need you to click on "Add additional accounts on Meta Quest headset" and from there the drop down will provide you the exact steps you need to add secondary accounts!

Hey 3PlantEaters! Just checking in to see if your still needing help with adding another account. Let us know if you are still having issues as we would love to assist you with this!

I am having the same issue and have tried to follow, exactly, the steps from the link you sent.  When we get to step five, instead of being able to enter the account to be added details, we are given an 8 character code to enter on the website to "connect the headset. "  Sometimes the device or the the webpage shows the connection failed and other times is says "connected"  but there is literally no where to go from there...  if you start over you are just set through exactly the same steps resulting in the same problem at step five.

Thanks very much for letting us know how things are progressing, @marc716118! It seems like this may be an issue that our other support team that works through email and live chats would be better equipped to handle for you, so we'd recommend reaching out to them for some more in-depth assistance. Here's the link that you can use to get in touch with them! We hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend!