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Can't download game

Level 2

So i bought Bonelab and i don't have it in my apps. I have restarted my vr and factory reset it and still got nothing. all it says on my phone is install queued. I am connected to internet on my oculus i am able to play online games. 





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @FunkyCl0wn! We see that you're wondering why you can't see BoneLab in your library. We will gladly look into this for you.


To get started we'd like to make sure you're using a compatible device. BoneLab is only available to Quest 2 and for PCVR. So if your device is not compatible that may be the reason why you're not seeing it.


Please get back to us letting us know how you're trying to use BoneLab and we'll look further into this issue for you!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello again, @FunkyCl0wn! We're checking in on you to ask if you still need help with this question. If you do, just reach back out to us here and we'll gladly look further into this for you. 🙂