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Can’t download horizon worlds

Level 2

Still can’t down load horizon worlds. Is it still invite only?

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It’s still not working

Horizon worlds still says coming soon

Are you joking? 1 month and you still didnt solve the most innovative app promising to change the world as a new hera (bla bla bla) and reason why probably most of us decided to buy your product ???????????????
You are saying: "we are sorry, the product doesn't do what we made it for.. " ok can you give me my money back so I can buy one able to do what it promises?
I trusted you but one month to solve this IS NOT SERIOUS!

It’s been 48 hours for me and it still says “coming soon.” How can I get this?

I have had my oculus quest 2 set up for about a week now and in the US and still cannot download Horizon worlds I keep checking back but still shows as coming soon. Please help !!!

At this point this exactly how I feel. I bout it go get on horizon worlds and I CAN'T!!! SO F'N FRUSTRATING!!!


I had mine for more then 48 hours and it still says “coming soon”

I'm still waiting for horizon worlds also.. in Canada, had my quest 2 for quite awhile now


I am Amit from india my oculus ID is Ajlife92 and i am super excited to play the "horizon World" but when i try to download it shows "coming soon" .. please help me find a way to Download it..

Level 3

This is the only reason I bought an Oculus because my friends have been playing Horizon worlds and kept begging me to join.  Now I am stuck with this headset and can play games like fishing, boxing, first person shooter and  I am not interested in those.  It's just collecting dust. I might return mine at Microcenter.