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Can't find Lakeside Peak for Home Environment


I know this isn't important but does anyone have any information when the Lakeside Peak Home Environment will appear?


I haven't seen it yet - I would even like to see it on youtube - I have only seen the still picture they used for the original release article...

Almost end of March now, v63 rolled out but still no sight of the Lakeside Peak environment announced for the v60 software. Also still no app for furniture/room planning.
And no word from Meta about it. 😡

That is the most bewildering part - the no word, no explanation, nothing. 
It is like they are hoping everyone forgets about these two features like they seem to have...

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone, thanks for bringing this to our attention. It's been a while since the Lakeside Peak Home Environment was announced, so I'd be glad to take this up internally. 

As soon as I get some information, I'll be sure to reach back out here. Thank you for your patience thus far! 

Sometimes it's okay to be a little Bing Chilling

Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking this on - we look forward to whatever you can tell us.


@TheAntiSocializer Thanks for taking this up internally. Looking forward to the feedback you get. 👍

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

[NOT A SOLUTION] - Just marking for visibility

Hey everyone! I wanted to jump back in here and confirm that our team has let me know this is something they've been aware of and are currently looking into. 

As I get more information, I'll be sure to post updates in here. 

To make sure we have up to date information for our internal team though, could everyone please provide me with the following:

  1. What headset are you using? (Quest 2/3/Pro)
  2. What's the full version number of your headset? (63.0.0.####### or likewise)
    • Quick Settings > System > Software Update
  3. Are you enrolled in Quest PTC?
  4. Which country are you located in?
  5. Are you able to see the other Home Environments mentioned in v60?

Thanks everyone!


Sometimes it's okay to be a little Bing Chilling

Thank you for looking into this - 

1. Quest 3

2. Version:

     Runtime version:

3. no, at least not yet

4. USA

5. Yes, I can see/use both

1. Quest 3

2. Version:, Runtime Version:, OS Version: SQ3A.220605.009.A1

3. No, but I am considering it due to v64

4. Czech Republic

5. Blue Hill Gold Mine and Storybook are available


  1. Quest 3, 512GB
  2. Version, Runtime-Version:
  3. No, I'm not enrolled in PCT
  4. Germany
  5. Yes, the other two new v60 environments (Goldmine / Storybook) are there.

I also own a Quest 2 (which is also on the latest v63 software/firmware) and it has the exact same issue:

Lakeside Peak and the furniture app are missing, the other two new environments (goldmine and storybook)  are available and have been since v60.


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