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Can't get PCVR to work properly

Level 2

I recently got an Oculus Quest 2 and have been looking forward to playing PCVR games on my PC. I've tried both Air Link and a Link Cable that I purchased off of Amazon. They both stutter immensely, I haven't even tried playing a PCVR game yet because simply the PCVR hub is incredibly stuttery, and as I look around the space it takes a second to load the area I'm looking. When I do a Link Cable test it says I have a compatible connection, with the values of Bandwidth: 2.4 Gbps and Connection: USB 3. I am 100% sure my PC has the specs to run it. I have 16gb RAM, AMD Ryzen 5 3600 for CPU, and the AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT for GPU. I've tried numerous solutions, which I will list:

Trying different USB 3.0 ports on my PC
Messing with the resolution in the device settings on the Quest app
Repairing the Oculus Quest app with the repair tool
Checking to see if all graphics drivers were up to date
Toggling the console on and tabbing onto it
Setting OVserver_64 to High priority in task manager

Absolutely none of these solutions even made progress. One thing to note is when I have the console open, it absolutely spams red error messages that say "could not retrieve round trip frame timing" with some random numbers along with it. Another thing to note is that my PC is connected to my wifi router with a LAN cable so it has a great connection (710.4 Mbps download, 23.5 Mbps upload) but my play space is pretty far away from my router so the wireless internet speeds in the area aren't great, so I would prefer to use the cable, although I have tried standing right next to the router with no results. Does anyone know any possible solutions? Thanks


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @RedJumper3, we know PCVR can make the VR experience so much better than it already is. We hate to hear you've been having problems with it! From the specs you provided, it does in fact look like everything should be compatible and good to go with using PCVR. You've also tried a lot of our go-to troubleshooting steps. We really appreciate all that time and effort! 


In order to take a closer look at what exactly is going on, and to best help you get everything working right, we'd suggest you submit a support ticket with our team here. Please also include a copy of your Oculus logs as well so that our team can get a look into your setup and what might be happening. We'll help get you back in the game as quick as we can!

Level 2

Thank you so much for responding back so quickly, I'm submitting a support ticket now.