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Can't get audio from meta quest 2 back to my normal headset

Level 2

All of my audio is going through the oculus and i can't get it to go through my normal headset. i have checked the soundboard and it says audio is default to HyperX Cloud Alpla Wireless. and everything i check says the output is set for my HyperX headset.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @Jeremyjca. That definitely sounds like an annoying issue. We understand the feeling of putting money into some good headphones and wanting to use them instead of the default option. If your headphones are Bluetooth, then that would actually explain why they aren't working properly. Bluetooth headsets aren't compatible with the Quest 2. Here's a link to a public article that talks about what headphones you can use with the Quest 2. If they aren't Bluetooth, you can try out these troubleshooting steps to see if they help out! Let us know how it goes!