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Can't interact with remote desktop in workrooms

Level 2

I've loaded up Horizon Workrooms to take it for a spin, and have been able to connect to my laptop (Surface Book 3 running Windows 11, RD version That is, I can see my screen(s), but am unable to interact with the content on the screen.


I can see everything (kinda low-res but workable), I can interact with the in-room whiteboard, and I have an Apple Magic Keyboard paired to the headset, but I can't do anything with my remote computer.


I've tried rebooting, reconnecting and updating, what else should I be trying?


I am on a work network, but it allows Windows RD connections and I can see my screen through the Oculus RD, so I don't think it's being blocked.


Hi there! We see that everyone here seems to be having issues using Horizon workrooms. That is definitely something we would like to help you make use of and we know how situations like this can feel.  


Please follow this link here to our email based support. That way we can give you the specialized 1 on 1 support that you deserve. 


Thank you all for being members of the community!


Level 4

The Issue is it seems you can not use the keyboard in workrooms with it paired your quest, it needs to be paired with the remote desktop computer. I hope the change this!

Level 2

This is so disappointing. I can use virtual desktop and Steam and interact with my PC from anywhere on earth with Wi-Fi. And Meta themselves hasn’t figured out how to do this? What is the point of being able to see three monitors remotely without being able to interact with your PC? Why would I ever need the capability to see my monitors from anywhere if I have to be sitting in front of my PC to use it? I’ve never been more let down by a bafflingly simple oversight. Especially since people have been asking for this ability for over a year. What a waste. I can screen share my PC and run a meeting from Florida, but I have to drive all the way back to Michigan to move my mouse. How stupid. Get it together Zuck.