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Can't interact with remote desktop in workrooms

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I've loaded up Horizon Workrooms to take it for a spin, and have been able to connect to my laptop (Surface Book 3 running Windows 11, RD version That is, I can see my screen(s), but am unable to interact with the content on the screen.


I can see everything (kinda low-res but workable), I can interact with the in-room whiteboard, and I have an Apple Magic Keyboard paired to the headset, but I can't do anything with my remote computer.


I've tried rebooting, reconnecting and updating, what else should I be trying?


I am on a work network, but it allows Windows RD connections and I can see my screen through the Oculus RD, so I don't think it's being blocked.


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This still doesn't work. 2024, and no K830 keyboard for Workrooms. Its really hard to try and convence my boss to implament "remote workers" into our IT department when the most basic needs are not there. Please fix the keyboard and mouse passthrough issue. I refuse to let AppleVision take over my Oculus plans for our Dev team. 🙂
Frustrated Senior Software Engineer...

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Same issue.  I can get the K830 to work in the Oculus browser, but in Horizon Workrooms, when I access my Win 10 PC, the KM/Trackpad will not pass through.  If I click the Windows logo button it acts like I am pressing the Oculus button on the right-hand controller.  

I have the same issue.  Can you use it while the K830 is paired to the headset?  Or do you have to pair the keyboard with the desktop computer?
I really don’t want to be forced to sit in front of my computer to use this app.

I think it only works with the keyboard paired to the PC and not to the Quest2.  Such a shame.  The video pass through setup for the workplace app is so much better than Remote Desktop or vSpatial, but having to be in the same place as the PC is not helpful, also, only having one monitor at a time is limiting.  The potential of VR with decent multi-desktop remote access and the visual KB pass through would be a real killer app for this headset.  


Same situation. In my case, I use another bluetooth keyboard.

100%!  This app will be so good if they can allow you to remote into your pc using the Logitech keyboard!  That will be a game changer.  Sitting directly at my desk, with my rig and all the screens defeats the purpose of the app!  The app is only useful IMO for those wanting to be remote to their pc!  I hope they fix it!  I was really excited yesterday when I saw my remote pc pop up and then found out it has to be using the same keyboard connected to the pc!  

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+1 , k830 tracks but doesn't remote into desktop, frustrating, hope they add support+ sound from the remote desktop

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Same issue. I have the Logitech K830. Can't use when paired to headset. The worst part is that I just upgraded from Quest 1 and purchased K830 just to be able to use Horizon Workrooms. I guess I'll move on to a different platform that works better. Please fix this Oculus!


The V1.3.5 Update seemed to have fixed this same issue with M1 Pro & M1 Max Macbook users, so I am curious if this new update will fix your issue with Windows 11? Give it a shot and if it works, reply back to let the forum know. I have a lot of people in my Facebook Group that have the same issue and I want to let them know if it works or not.


same thing here. ca t do any thing remote, only if i sit behindmy pc. Then what is the point of this app.?


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