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Can’t invite/message my friend

Level 2

Me and my friend were follewers for a long while, but suddenly, we couldn’t see each other on our main friends list. I’m our accounts, it showed them as a follower, but I couldn’t invite them to a party or even message them. We tried blocking and unblocking each other and looked through all the privacy setting, but nothing helped. It makes no sense as to why we suddenly can’t interact. We can only get into a party if another friend invites the other. But we can still hear each other and there’s no follow button to be found anywhere. Please help


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @NvidiaGod1, we know how important it is to see everyone in your friends list and how bothersome an issue like this can be. No worries, we will have this resolved for you!

If you haven't done so already, please try to log out of the mobile application and re-sign in. After that's completed, power-cycle your device and see if the friends list is functioning properly once again. If the friends list continues to have an issue, we suggest performing a factory reset, be sure to have Cloud Backup enabled so you won't lose all your data.

If the issue continues after a factory reset, please shoot us a message through PM so we can take a better look at this for you. Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

Well that’s the thing, I’ve restarted my headset multiple times and logged out of my phone multiple times, and I don’t wanna factory reset because that’s a pain and I don’t think it will help. And he’s having the same problem for seeing me. It also only affects my ability to see and message him

We do encourage performing a factory reset after enabling cloud backups as it sets the device in a "like-new" state, that refreshes all the systems including the friends lists. Please be sure to follow the instructions previously mentioned in order to shoot us a PM so we could gather some information and assist further.

If you or your friend would prefer to receive simultaneous support on this issue, we suggest reaching out to our Support Team. There you'll be able to reach out via email, live chat or even a scheduled callback.

I actually just did this i was having the same issues as this person and it still didnt work


Hey Chewiestbike745! We see that you are having issues with invites and messages. This is not the experience we want you to have. Since the troubleshooting steps you tried did not work we would like to get you connected to our support team so they can take a look into this more. You can go here and follow the prompts based on your issue and then you will be connected with one of our specialists who will able to work with you further on this.

I've already done that they said they would get the Higher up's to look into this situation.


Thank you Chewiestbike745 for letting us know that you have already spoken to support. We do see that they are working diligently to get this resolved as soon as possible. If you keep an eye on your emails they will let you know something as soon as it is updated.

I’m also having the same problem still and I’ve done everything that has been said in this thread