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Can't login on my Oculus deviece. Prompted for a 6-digit code which is never sent

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It's now close to a month since I was prompted to log in to my Facebook account again on my son's Oculus Quest 2 which he got for his birthday shortly before that. In that process, a 6-digit code is required and supposed to be sent to the account email. The code doesn't arrive. I've checked thoroughly in spam etc.
After about a week of back and forth with Meta support, trying to change the account email address and claiming to turn off the 6-digit code requirement, they simply stopped replying to my emails without the issue being resolved. Their last reply blamed longer response times on a high volume of support tickets. This is over two weeks ago.

I've now started a new thread with the same subject, but it remains unanswered for 4 days.

My son is sad he can't use his birthday present and my frustration with Meta is growing day by day. The lack of a simple confirmation code leaves us with a useless product and feeling totally helpless.
Hope someone might have a solution for us.


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I'm having the same issue. 6 digit code won't send and the customer service chat is basically saying "oh the engineers are working on it."

Hi @ineslara21 I opened the Facebook app on my phone, clicked my profile image bottom right, clicked the category “settings and privacy” and then “code generator” which provides a 6-digit code. Hope that works for you!

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Re: Not getting 6 digit code

Hi Rogo, we can certainly understand the frustration and want you to be back to gaming as soon as possible. There has been a new update out that will hopefully fix this issue for you! If you could please follow these steps:


1. Factory reset the headset

2. Open the Meta Quest app on your iOS or Android device. Wait about a minute while a background update is automatically applied.

3. Close the Meta Quest app.

4. Factory reset your headset.

5. Try to pair your controllers and headset as new.


If this does not work please feel free to reach back out to us by going to this link and our support team will work with you on the next steps to getting this issue resolved. 


Thank you!



This did not work. 


The problem is when I go to the meta app I cannot login


I type in my email and password and then it tells me i am getting sent a 6 digit code that never arrives. I cant login to the app to finish connecting the headset. 


I factory reset, opened the app, the controllers updated, I closed the app and then factory reset again. now I'm back to needing to pair the headset to the mobile app and I cannot login. Can someone not just provide me a 6 digit code or send it to an alternate email for me?

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@mattematissen Unfortunately I do not have the code generator and I wasnt logging in via facebook. Upon further research, the generator is not available in some areas because of privacy laws and various versions of the app in different locations. I'm happy it worked for you though!! 

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@MetaQuestSupport I also tried to just sign up with a new email and say f *** it to the old account. Still no 6digit email to a completely newly created email address. Your auth emails arent working for old and brand new users

Hey there @Anonymous! We'd like you to PM us so we can take a look with you and get your accounts straightened out. Visit our profile an click "Send a Message," and we hope to hear from you soon!

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Did you ever get this resolved? We are having the same issue.

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Same issue. Logged me out for no reason. Trying to log in with fb, says enter the 6 digit code qe sent, when I only get a yes or no (was it you who logged in) option on mobile and no mails.

Hey @Hermes3! We know how it feels losing access to an account, we hate to hear you're having login issues! We may require some sensitive information from your account in order to look into this, you can click here or on our name to get to our profile page, then click "Send a Message" to privately contact us. Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

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I faced the same issue. The resolution was to go to the Facebook app on your phone and also to enable SMS to receive the 6 digit code.