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Can't login with current email address

Level 2

I have the Quest 2 and it is currently tied with my original Facebook account that I got locked out of because of 2FA, and no one would help me get back in.  Anyway, I set up an Oculus account in hopes that I would still be able to play my Quest 2, but it has my old email address in there and it's greyed out so I can't even enter the correct (current) email address.  Neither login works for me.  How do I get it to use my current account info?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Yikes! This is is not the experience we want you to have with us and would be more than happy to get you back on track! Which is why we want to get you connected with our Meta Store Support. Due to the limited tools we have through our Forums getting connected with one of our awesome agents will be the best way to get this settled. Please get connected with our awesome team through a live chat or even submitting a ticket by clicking here. That way we can see you back in the VR world as soon as possible!