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Can't purchase a game as gift - error received

Level 2

I've been trying for the past 3 days to purchase a few games as gifts and keep receiving an error message. "Unable to load. Please try again later."

The sale is ending soon and I'd like to take advantage.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @ljp724, we see you need a bit of help! This is not the experience we want you to have with our Meta Store. Which is why we want to invite you to get connected through with us with a PM. Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @ljp724, we are reaching back out to see if you are still having issues with purchasing a gift for a friend. We'll be here waiting for a update.

I’m getting the same issue. Imagine how many people want to use this function for Xmas gifts and can’t also imagine how much money Meta Quest could be losing because of this

I logged this with support giving full details and a screenshot of the error. They replied with ‘You couldn’t see your apps and then when you logged out you couldn’t log in?’ 
How is this in anyway related to the problem I raised? Is this the sort of support we should expect?

It still isn’t working

Hey DSkids, totally understand your concern with not being able to purchase games. With the holidays around the corner, we want to help you solve this promptly! Are you experiencing this issue trying to purchase apps via your headset or via the web-site?

It was through the mobile app, I have managed to do it via the website now but the app still doesn’t work.

The support person told me it is a known issue that the developers are looking into but the fact you never mentioned this just suggests to me that I am being fobbed off

I’m having the same issue trying to buy an add on DLC as a gift in the phone app.  The website doesn’t even give me the option to buy the add on as a gift and I’ve already purchased for myself.  Guess I might have to find another gift idea for my friend and hope they’ll buy it on their own so we can play together.  

Level 2

I am having the same problem.  I am trying to buy games and I am getting the message: Purchase Failed. GraphQL server responded with error 1353029: Your subscription isn't eligible for this.  What subscription?  I'm just trying to buy games for my grandsons for Christmas.


Hey there, @chandy2000! We can definitely understand your concern with this issue, being unable to purchase gifts would definitely be inconvenient. We recommend reaching out to our other support team here, you can do this through email or a live chat, that way they can make note of the different instances that this is occurring and get more information to the right people so we can get this fixed.