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Can we please tune controller direction?


The virtual axis has been changed between the original Touch controllers and the Quest 3 controllers.
Holding the controller in a natural, pistol-grip position no longer aligns the pointer/pistol/whatever you are holding straight forward. Instead it is offset by around 10 degrees right on the right controller, left on the left controller.
This can be compensated for by the user, but this is unnatural. Rifle stocks designed for previous generations of controller are now completely useless.

I don't understand why this had to change. We the users need to be able to change it back please.



I agree, very annoying. I build my own gun stocks for ONWARD. I have had to adjust gunstock grip slot to accommodate Q3 controller direction (Q3 left controller points more left, right more right then Q2). However, the pistol aim is now so unnatural, and you need to twist your wrist inwards to accommodate the Q3 controller incorrectly alignment.

NOTE, I did log an issue shortly after Q3 release with Meta support asking, if they will be adding an adjustment feature under Controller settings, where you can adjust the pointer direction. No reply yet.

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Absolutely agree, and HOPING you receive a response.  I'm having this issue in every game, and also in the menus.  Coming from the original Rift, I'm really enjoying the Q3... but this alignment issue is detracting from every game.

Hey there, @stringfellow42. We can definitely understand your concerns with the controllers not pointing straight ahead in game, even if they're being aimed straight ahead outside of the game. Having a setting to tune/calibrate them would be a great addition in our Ideas Forums! While we can't guarantee anything, other ideas that gained traction with the community were implemented in later updates to improve the VR experience for everyone. It's definitely worth a shot! 

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Thanks for replying to stringfellow42. In my opinion, it’s not an idea, but a major fault in the design of the Q3.

There’s another thread out there called ‘Quest 3 Controllers are not aligned in game?’ that has been submitted days after the Q3 was released (first submission 10/23/23), and has grown to 9 pages now. People obviously have issues, and not ideas. I am reluctant to start another thread (aswell as Quest 3 Controllers are not aligned in game?), but when I have a moment, I will attempt to.

Thanks again,


We definitely get your perspective on that, @michael.swift11. With new releases there's bound to be some things to improve on or add, and that's why the Ideas Forums are so helpful to our engineers! Between the Ideas Forums and bug reports it's a great way to show what is needed or wanted by the community so we can improve the experience for everyone. If there's ever anything we can help out with or if you have any questions that we could answer, please feel free to let us know! 

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What is odd, I have click on the ‘Ideas forum’ and search in ideas in case someone had already added something. I found this thread ‘Can we please tune controller direction?’ Eg, go to ‘Ideas search and paste ‘Can we please tune controller direction?’ And this thread comes up, therefore it’s already in ‘Ideas forum’. Am I wrong, or not understanding. I also checked ‘Quest 3 Controllers are not aligned in game?’. and that’s there too.

So we have both ‘Can we please tune controller direction?’ and ‘Quest 3 Controllers are not aligned in game?’ in the Ideas forum.
I think there are also other similar items alluding to the same issue but did not full read into them.




Thanks for getting back to us, @michael.swift11. Honestly the more people that are asking about the same thing in the Ideas section of the forums the better, it raises awareness to our engineer team on the issue/request to be fixed or added. While there's no guarantees as we mentioned previously, it definitely raises the chances! We'd recommend jumping in on the "Quest 3 controllers are not aligned in game" thread since there's more replies there, it makes it easier for us to see exactly how many people are wanting it fixed. 

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It’s truly pretty disgusting that I waited months to buy this device only to be met with the most basic and easily fixable problems that completely destroy the product experience for me. Also I can only recognize this is what’s ruining the experience because I’ve used other vr, others might not even know why this sucks, which has been mentioned multiple times in the other threads. This makes meta seem like they don’t care ANY amount about this product and a joke. Fix this.


This is still a problem. Pistol whip when running natively on the quest 3 I have to add a 15 degree yaw offset for a correct grip. Unfortunate other games like half life Alyx don't have any grip yaw adjustment options. It's extremely uncomfortable to have to force your wrist 15 degrees round just to shoot straight! 

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