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Can we watch "Quill" animations on PCVR ?

Level 3


My question is simple : Can we watch "Quill" animations on PCVR ?

Can we acces all the "VR Animation Player" animations on PCVR ?

You can create Quill animatons on PCVR but you can't watch them ?

I am trying to watch the episode 6 of "Tales from soda island" on my Quest1 but i think it's not powerful enought, the animation crash after few seconds.

So i was thinking "not a problem, i will watch it on my PC via Quest Link" but i can't find a way to access the "VR Animation Player" content on PC.

That's a shame, thoses Quill animations are absolutly awesome, it would be super cool if a maximum of users (Quest and PCVR) could watch them!

Plus you need PCVR to create the animations, so I think it's kinda logic than you could watch them on PCVR.

Maybe "Smoothstep" (the owner of Quill) should make a PCVR equivalent to the Quest "VR Animation Player" ?

Thx for reading ! 😉