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Cancelled My Preorder AGAIN

Level 7
September 16th 2020: Put in my preorder as soon as Oculus site was updated. 256 GB headset, Link Cable, Elite Head Strap and VR Cover Facial Interface.
Luckily in hindsight I made each order individually.
September 20th: I'm informed by email that the head strap and facial interface are cancelled. I contact customer service who inform me that the cancel was done in error and to reorder. Oh by the way, that means your deliver date will now be November 2nd. These things can happen, SUCKS but OK. I put in a new order.
October 7th: Head Strap and Facial CANCELLED A SECOND TIME?!?!

Thank God the Headset and Link Cable are "processing for shipping"

I went to Best Buy site and pre ordered the head strap and getting pick up on release date but no VR Cover Facial Interface. Their site doesn't seem to have pre orders.

Thanks Facebook