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Cannot access Horizon Workrooms

Level 2

I am able to access workrooms on 2 other headsets, however, on one particular headset I keep seeing this error:



.... saying I need a Meta account to continue.
Of course I have a Meta account, as I'm already logging on other devices and indeed I am the 'owner' of this device.
If I switch accounts, Workrooms lets me in as usual without any error.
The message says I need to remove my headset and go to /setup to complete the process.

Have installed build 47 update and reinstalled Workrooms.
Any ideas gratefully received!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Neil.J! This definitely sounds like a strange situation, we'd love to help you get access to Workrooms on all of your devices! To start, we'd like to check that you're using the same account on each device. If not, one of your accounts may need to be migrated into a Meta account, Here's how you can migrate:

  1. Open the Workrooms Desktop App, and go to settings.
  2. In settings, click on "account migration"
  3. Enter the email associated with the Workroom's account.
  4. A verification code will be sent to the email.
  5. Get the code from the email and verify the email address.
  6. A new webpage for Workrooms should open, choose the account you want to migrate into a Meta account.
  7. After selecting the account, confirm the migration and then the migration process begins.

You can also provide feedback for Workrooms, so we can continue to improve our services. Please let us know if this helps!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Howdy! We wanted to reach out and make sure you're able to access Workrooms. Please let us know if you still need assistance, we're happy to help!

Level 2

If it helps, I had the exact same problem today.  I've been running apps and games fine both with and without oculus link.  But this workrooms app just immediately popped up that same message.  I was finally able to get it to work by going to and logging out my oculus.  Then, with my oculus turned on, I went to like the message says, it sent a new code to my Quest, and logged me in.  After the quest auto-restarted, then the workrooms app connected fine.