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Cannot change Oculus email address (prior email account no longer active)

Level 2
Hoping someone can direct me to the right place on this.  I'm trying to change my email address on my Oculus profile, which is an old address I used from a former employer. When I enter my PIN in the change email screen, it sends an email to the old address to confirm the switch to the new address.  That doesn't work, since I can't access that old account.  Is there a link or something I can follow to get customer support on the issue?  Thanks!

Level 2
How do you know it goes to the old address? I have the exact same issue

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hey, we'd be happy to help out! Click here to submit a ticket, and include your email address so we can look into this. Thanks!

Level 2
Same issue, I just sent a ticket, let’s see what happens. Hope they fix this in an update or something 

Level 10
Happened to me. They fixed it in a couple of days. Just send in a support ticket.