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Cannot install purchased content

Level 2

I haven't been able to connect my Quest 2 to my PC using the cable or air link...realistically...I've made a connection for a moment, and the app knows I have a Quest 2, but the connection lasts for but a second or two...However, if I use ALVR, a free and open source app which connects to my Quest 2 easily and almost 100% success rate, I can at least play the VR games I have on my PC although sometimes the connection is unstable.  Also, using Side Quest, I can install games I bought.

Well I bought, as you can probably tell by my problems, Virtual Desktop because it does what ALVR does only better...and it does what the Oculus proprietary software cannot do with it's own proprietary hardware--connect to it.

I'm quite good at finding solutions around problems from poorly functioning multi-billion dollar companies, but I've hit a road block.  My new problem is that Virtual Desktop is not showing up in my Oculus library on the PC app.  If it was there, I'd download it and side load it.  As I've posted here, I will also contact the developer directly.  If the app won't appear in my PC library, then I will need an .APK version sent to my email or something.  It is not possible to connect my Quest 2 to Meta or Oculus.  It's not possible for this poor device to connect to the Internet and update itself on my 5G Wi-Fi.  I updated it via Side Quest using an update file that some Chinese guy uploaded for people like me.  In fact, I am currently in China and this might have something to do with why nothing works even though I'm on a VPN and my entire network is on a VPN...this solves the "god-awful Chinese Internet" problem for all of my devices EXCEPT THE QUEST 2.  Please send me my purchase to my email or stick it in my Facebook box or something...thanks...sorry if there is an obvious download button somewhere on the website, but I looked pretty hard and couldn't find any way to download.  I'm open to the possibility that I might be the retarded entity in this relationship.  After all, I'm just some guy who spends too much money on a device that requires too much user effort...I am a fool to think Oculus would be just like Steam, or Apple or even Facebook...or any simple app store where you buy things and then download them to your devices...


Community Manager
Community Manager

Salutations, @captain.reefer! We're sorry to hear that your headset isn't connecting properly. We recognize how this can affect your VR gaming experience. We would adore helping you solve this problem together. In order to get additional details, we also want to invite you to use our private messaging service. To access our profile page, please click here or select our name from the list. Then, to contact us personally, click "Send a Message"! Please keep in mind that in order to send us a private message, you must first be signed into the community.