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Cannot log into my Oculus account.

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Hey. So I decided to connect and play some VR after like 2 years of break. I couldn't log in with my oculus account because it says that the password is wrong even though it's correct. I decided to change it, it redirects me to those meta websites, etc. I receive a code to change my password, once I do that I need to receive a new code to authorize the account. But I never get it, I've tried resending the code multiple times and nothing comes.

I've created a new Horizon account through Facebook and logged in on it but it is not the account I want to use. I want my old account because all of my games etc are there.

PS: My Facebook account is made on a different email, not the same as my Oculus account.
Also, the email that was used for my Oculus account may perhaps be the same email that was connected to an account on Facebook which got banned years ago. Maybe it has something to do with that?

I use Oculus Rift S.


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The email I have on my Oculus account is the same email as my secondary Facebook account (it's not banned). Does it mean that I maybe need to create and connect it with the facebook account that got the same email? But that wouldn't make sense + I don't want my oculus to be connected with that secondary account.

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Gee, it's been 2 years???  You've missed a lot😃


First, Facebook bought Oculus and forced everyone to use Facebook accounts.  And in the end, this August 2022, they decided to go back to Meta (was Oculus) accounts.


You didn't specify what kind of headset you have... but have you tried yet?

Welp, job, moved out etc. etc. Just kinda no time so 😛
I did mention at the end, I use Oculus Rift S.


Yeah, I've tried logging in through Once I log in as you see I am supposed to receive a code that I never receive(tried resending it multiple times).image.png

Have you tried "the usual" advice, of checking your spam folder?

Yep, checked literally every folder on my email, including spam.

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Alright, so I think I fixed the problem. Today when I tried again I finally received the code on my email. Once I logged into my Oculus account I managed to connect it with Facebook and Instagram. Seems like the problem is solved!

Hey @Yusuke21377 we're glad that everything worked out in the end. We're hoping that anytime you have an issue that you reach out to us in confidence.  Thanks for contacting us and being a part of the Meta Quest family!

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Cannot connect meta account to oculus  account.

Hello, Corle13 We are sadden to hear that you are having problems login into your account. Since we have been in your position before, we are well familiar with the issue. Please allow us to help you access your account.


  1. How long have you been having trouble with this issue?
  2. Could you provide us the error message or the source of your login issues? (Screenshot or photo)
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