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Cannot remove promo code from my account

Honored Guest

I've only owned my quest 2 for 3 days and already am beyond frustrated. First I redeem an incorrect referral code and when I try to redeem the correct one it won't let me remove the old code which it does not tell you when you redeem any code. Then the support agent tells me to purchase the game using the wrong code and then refund it to use up the code. I did so and the code won't get off my account! Now I still have the wrong code and a pending payment on my credit card. Why the hell would meta not allow you to remove a promo code from your account?? It make zero sense and they give you no warning. Thanks meta!




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @SirMeecro! We know having troubles with the referral programs can really take the fun out of VR, so we'd be glad to lend a helping hand with that! It sounds like you may be having issues with the App Referral Program, and you would like to remove the promotion that was accidentally accepted on your account first. Generally, the person receiving the app referral has seven days to purchase the app, after which the referral promotion will no longer be available. We highly recommend reading through this article, which goes over that App Referral Program details a bit more thoroughly! Should any further problems with that discount pop up, let us know and we'll take a look into that for you. We look forward to getting you in the action! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, hey @SirMeecro! We're checking in to make sure you haven't run into any further trouble with that referral at all, and want to make sure everything went smoothly for you along the way. Please don't hesitate to reach back out if you run into that issue after the given timeframe, as we'd love to help out!

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Honored Guest

So, let me make sure I understand the response... The official response is "Too bad, you're on your own, and we're not going to change anything"? Is that correct?
Put plainly, it is unacceptable not to be able to remove a referral code from my own account. Telling users to wait 7 days until it expires is unacceptable. 
All software has issues.  This software has issues with referral codes. But, not acknowledging it as an issue and going as far as to tell users just to wait 7 days is a problem for me, as I'm certain it will be for many users.

Honored Guest

Just found this out myself now.

And yes it is a Sucky way to remove a code.

Yeah that's their answer to a lot of issues. Right out of the box, my right controller gave me an SOS signal, and they were response was "but a new one". They're controllers are $100. Controllers should not be a hundred **bleep**ing dollars.

Do you mind telling me how to do it?

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