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Cant Reach Oculus Runtime Services

Level 3
so i boot up my pc, click on icon to open oculus home, and got the message, cant reach oculus run time services. i gave it 15 wm20iu2ro2r4.jpgmin or so reboot try again and nothing. i have never seen this before?
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Level 3
Set time back and watch it update in Library, then it'll restart and update properly.
Set time in Setting>Time/Language> set automatic time to off and set the date back. You can reset the date when all is updated.
Edit: Oculus Rift Core Home doesn't seem to work tho.
ReEdit: Nope, games won't work either. Consider NOT setting your time back.

Level 2
Okay I can confirm, changing date solution works fine. But you have to also restart Oculus Runtime Service after changing the Date.

Level 5
So, they just locked millions of users out of their own hardware because somebody forgot to pay the bill? I really hope they fix this soon, because it's not going to look good for them if this lasts hours or days. 

Level 3
I fixed it, re-install oculus software, and good to go, but yes chnage date and time oin win

Level 2
I also just changed the date to yesterday, and restart the computer and it works...

Level 2
Changed the date and time to february 7th, 1pm, restarted my pc and it started to work again.

Level 3
So whats the score?? How do we get back into oculus without changing system time?

Level 4
Why in the hell does the runtime service have a certificate that isn't pushed out to something like 2049???????

Level 5
Wow, this is a crazy issue!

I was wondering why it broke for me too.

I don't really want to change my date/time on my PC, that's just silly.
PC Specs

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ASUS STRIX X370-F GAMING Motherboard

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Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3200

Samsung 960 EVO 500GB NVME

2x4TB Seagate Barracuda HDDs

Corsair RM850X

Be Quiet Silent Base 800

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Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum Keyboard

Logitech G903 Mouse

Oculus Rift CV1 w/ 3 Sensors + Earphones

Level 3
Is someone from Oculus going to comment? If they don’t have a support number one would think they would at the very least make an attempt to update the community thru forums, or social media.